Top 10 Reasons “Black In America” was horrible (trust me, it was hard to limit it to 10)

29 07 2008

Unfortunately for me, this special aired during my trip to Memphis, so I wasn’t able to immediately repsond. By the time I had gotten back to my lovely PC, I was so flustered trying to write a flowing and cohesive critique of a program I found disgusting on so many levels, that I gave up and decided to make a “Things I Hate About You” list instead. Without further ado, let’s begin (this list is in no particular order):

10) There were no Blacks in America the past 4 decades?? I’m sure my critics will say I’m never satisfied–first I ask for the media and government to pay us some attention, then I blast them when they do. Oh well. It took a Black man to knock on the door of the White House for the press to FINALLY air a special talking about Black American issues? Sure, you weren’t our biggest fans the first 300 years or so…but I figured after the Civil Rights Movement we might get a little more love. Did everyone else just figure out we exist?? So, if I get this right, what you’re saying is “Wow, a Black man can become President of the United States, I think it’s time we make sure to remind people how bad Blacks have it.” Don’t fault me for your logic–I didn’t come up with the idea.

Yes, multiracial families are great...just not when you're going back 7 generations

9) Corny reunion moment–When I saw how Blacks in America started out with a White woman and Black woman with the same great grandfather seeking each other out online and meeting with hugs and tears, I wanted to barf. Seriously–almost all of us are distantly related to some White person. I would not cry over it once I saw them. They have absolutely nothing to do with me. But what took the cake is that the reporter said they thought the White man’s Black mistress wasn’t a slave…all her kids just happened to not be recognized, and she lived in a guest house right next to him and his wife. Riiiight.

8 ) CNN’s praise and oversaturated coverage–of itself. After the specials, Anderson Cooper was on for another hour to talk about the show they just aired. Then for the next week or so (hopefully not longer), they’ve continued to talk about how groundbreaking their own show is and how enlightening it was. But, of course, they weren’t biased in their self-assessment–in the airport I saw a host admit that all the reviews weren’t positive. They played a viewer’s complaint on video, during which he basically said, “I thought the show was good, but it didn’t go into much detail.” Ouch. SCATHING review.

7) Commercial break teasers. If you’re looking for gross generalizations and shameless stereotyping during your commercial breaks, then CNN has what you’re looking for. Every commercial break, the tease pretty much went like this: “COMING UP NEXT– Black children will score lower than every other developed nation in the world; AFTER COMMERCIAL BREAK–Black children have no fathers.” I guess we’ll continue with the media’s trend of airing ridiculous promos to get you to keep watching…even if that means you’re offending more than half of an entire race in the process. =/

6) Commercials–Sooo…leading up to every commercial break and back, there was an annoying Black guy doing spoken word about the show. Need I say more?

I've seen him before, can't fool me!

5) Roland Martin and the cast of CNN–If I’m not mistaken, when you’re doing a “groundbreaking” investigation into the lives of Black Americans, you probably shouldn’t use your channel’s own political analysts and hosts as interviewees. Maybe they figured black people don’t watch the news, so we wouldn’t notice. There weren’t ANY OTHER well spoken Black people you could find, really though CNN…

4) Black middle and upper class being completely ignored–Now, I only watched the first day, you cannot expect me to endure much longer than I did watching this programming…I did the best I could. So if something changed, I take it back. But during the first night, even when they did acknowledge those of us who aren’t poor, unhealthy, downtrodden, without fathers, without healthcare, without jobs, not on welfare, and who were products of healthy marriages, it was mentioned so offhandedly that it literally made me LOL. I remember one incident as it happened exactly. The reporter says “The Black middle class has been increasing, a fact most of America is unaware of. 32% of Black families make $50K or more a year, compared to only 17% 20 years ago. Black churches in inner city communities…” The transition was literally that quick. Did they even watch their special before it aired? They had to have been laughing as hard as I was.  Not to mention there was actually a segment on a program called “Marry Your Baby Daddy.” Yes. Now go ahead and let that marinate for a few minutes.

3) Title–Although CNN broadcast previews of the show saying it would explore the pain AND joys of being Black in America, I didn’t see much joy there. In fact, the whole show was about problems in the Black community. Although they conceded (1 sentence out of a 2 hour special) that most Black Americans weren’t facing the issues that we are disproportionately experiencing, they didn’t address anything positive about Black culture or daily way of life. It’s important to underscore problems about the absence of Black men in families, but don’t advertise a special saying it will tell us about Blacks in America and then 95% of it is listing negative things. Come on!!

This is actually a Jewish ghetto...sue me.

2) Imagery–almost every clip of random Black people was in a crowded inner city, where people looked rundown, dirty, or simply poor. I didn’t know we were only situated in Chicago, Atlanta, or New York. When they interviewed those who weren’t situated in slums, they talked to them like “Wow, how does it feel not being poor? Why do you hang out with broke Black folks when you are obviously so successful? GOOD FOR YOU, YOU DID IT DARKIE!” The sad part about this is that the host was Black.

1) White people watched this show–What I knew I would hate about the show before I saw it is still what I hate most about it after I watched it. White people watched this abomination and undoubtedly many felt their consciousness was illuminated to the plight of the Black Man. They GET IT. They’ve done their part in cultural curiosity for the decade…back to watching Friends.

I see you put your best on this case!

Last but not least, the show did nothing to address how to fix problems. It listed a bunch of problems, broadcast them nationally, offered no solutions, then everyone patted themselves on the back. It was the most superficial “investigative” reporting I’ve ever seen…even in unsolved mystery specials, the reporters give possible explanations at who was the culprit…they don’t just show you some footage and say what a mystery…the end.  Who didn’t know pretty much everything Blacks in America reported on already, OTHER THAN White people? I sure didn’t learn much.

Final verdict on Blacks in America–Lazy and embarrassing.




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29 07 2008

I must admit that although I didn’t watch the program what you’re saying doesn’t surprise me. I’m sure it was just as offensive and indirect as you’ve discribed it and that saddens me. What’s worse is Our “Leaders” are think ‘Wow, this is a step forward’ but in all actuality its just another way for America to continue on it’s treadmill of racial avoidance. No one wants to play the race card and even when they do they somehow seem to forget the game their playing mid hand. One day I hope that not only will White America recognize the true bounty in it’s ethnic diversity, but that it’s many different cultures whether African-American or not begin to realize that there is more to be acheived but first we have to MAKE them see that we are a vital part of this world and we WILL NOT BE SILENCED OR APPEASED…



29 07 2008


29 07 2008

lol…Blair…I definitely DID NOT want to see this. My mother insisted on watching it, so I caught the beginning and 5 minutes later I was already pissed off. Then I got to thinking that I would blog about this, and I needed to see more than 5 minutes to comment on it successfully…it was the hardest 2 hours of my life

29 07 2008

I personally don’t know why they even bothered to air a show like that. I’m a white male and immediately thought that I surely don’t need CNN of all people pretending to lecture or somehow “enlighten” me or anyone else on what its like to be black in America. We can all do that on our own (and do a better job of it I’m sure by simply observing). I can honestly say “I don’t care”. Not trying to be an ass, but i really really don’t care what its like to be black in the usa. I seriously doubt if many white people watched that show (especially considering the loss of viewers CNN has experienced in the past few years). But it does bring up the question, why even bother to spend the money a produce the show? Seemed like it was mean’t to be some kind of infomercial or yet another sad attempt at pandering.

29 07 2008
Dezii or KFC

Wow AJ… Sometimes I question what would I do without you and your multitude of eye awakening blogs… I know sometimes we don’t agree but hey all is fair in an opinionated blog. Don’t you think… 🙂 I was unable to watch this becuase of the location i was in but while reading, some of these really stood out.. Granted ALL of them were insightful but 10, 9, 7, 4, and 1 made me S.M.H… I wanted to be angry and furious and enraged at the fact that no matter how poised, literate, successful, or articulate I am or become I’ll always be considered to be second to any white man and woman because of shit like this..
10: Now they (white America) wants to talk about black ppl because they finally are beginning to realize how powerful a black man’s words can be… FUCKING HIPOCRITES… smh 9: trying to prove that we ALL had to have come from some descendant of white folk……. Well DUH.. and it was because slave owners raped our women.. But I bet they’re to “ashamed” to say that shit… Next door neighbor my ass.. SMH 7: I swear I never really notice it but why try to gain and keep ppls attention by saying shit like that.. I mean of course those who already belittle us are going to want to continue to watch because ur not discussing their down falls you’re discussing their opposites… And that’s a load of bullshit CNN!! SMH 4: STOP contradicting yourselves CNN.. I mean damn, everyone is watching… enough said.. SMH 1: Now there is no doubt in my mind that now when I smile at any member of the white race they’ll be judging me and constantly thinking I am the epitome of what CNN was broad casting… and things shouldn’t be that way.. SMH..

29 07 2008

Michael, I appreciate your honesty lol..and while it did sound a bit harsh, I really am not all that interested in what it’s like being Asian in America or Hispanic…not that I don’t care about others’ situations but you know..I’m kinda caught up living my own. lol. But there is no doubt there were some well intentioned White viewers who will actually think this taught them a lesson, and that is scary to me.

29 07 2008
Ext. Exc.

I’ll keep this short. Just like you, I only watched the first day. Not because I was too angry to finish the journey, but because I was busy. (I actually couldn’t wait to hear what kind of bull they came up with about black males in America.) CNN did a great job of making us look like the poor, uneducated, mind-less creatures that white America assumes us to be.(Kudos to them for that…[sarcasm]). I knew, before the episodes even aired, that this show would do nothing to change how we are viewed by other races, nor would it improve our circumstances. I was annoyed at how they spoke about marriage, as if it solved everything. More whites are married than blacks, okay, we get that. I guess that’s because they used their brains and they know that a child can ONLY be successful when their parents are “together”, right? Uh, wrong. Yes, children may feel the need to apply themselves more when they are in a home with both parents. They may feel more secure and confident, later making them successful at whatever they do, but who is to say that this is what is holding us down? Yes, we should strive harder to keep the number of children birthed out of wedlock down, but still, if a man does not want to take care of his child, he will not, and marriage will not make him. There are a lot of issues that run deeper than marriage, and they did not take the time to hit on any of them. They did a good job at pointing out some of our issues, but they did not thoroughly address us as a people. One black is not synonymous of the next. Dubbing this CNN’s black and poor in America would have better suited the show. Good read, AJ.

29 07 2008
Akbar S J'Kens

I blogged on this as soon as I watched it on TIVO and was very disappointed to say the least.. I just think that they were educating white people more about us.. Trying to get them ready.. As if to say “Barack is going to be President.. So these are things you should know.”
They talked abotu no huge accomplishments that were made.. And the plot to pay chidren to learn, I don’t even care to touch that topic right now. Or, the fact that Black woman are not the only ones who spend thousand of dollars in a lifetime to keep their hair up..
Me personally, I found myself frowning alot.. and also going to sleep.. For 2 whole months, I was so excited about this.. and now to say the least, I am a bit disappointed.

29 07 2008
mad black woman (lol)

I Couldnt agree more with the things you said. I was personally so embarassed to the point where I kept changing the channel and changing back just to see what they would touch on next. All in all, they opened up blacks even more to be perceived as no good, uneducated, HIV spreading people who have a hand out and expect America to give them something because we’re too lazy and stupid to get it ourselves. Give white racists more of a reason to think they have their statistics right, why dont you? I saw no positivity in the show, and while there were in fact some solutions offered to problems, I agree with you that the main focus of the show were problems and negativity. I admit, we as a people need to do better, but there are some of us who ARE doing better and the show didnt touch on that enough. Only about 10% compared to the 90% of negativity. The thing that pissed me off the most was WHY was that airing? Why was the show even thought of? Because of Barack Obama running for president all of a sudden? So i’ve only been black for a few months? The black race, the struggle, and the issues in their community has only become an interest because of Obama? I bet he was embarassed himself. But no need to say more, because you touched on all I was thinking and then some. And i’m even more annoyed that they keep airing the shit everyday. I just dont know what to say about this country anymore. Shit.

P.S. I hate the one drop rule. But thats another story for another day.

29 07 2008

wow you actually sat and watched this? its like sitting and watching someone’s view of what your life story MIGHT be like. its seems like the sorta thing that white people would be sitting in their lunch rooms talking about..going “oooh! i know i black person!…oh my sister’s friend’s cousin married a black guy..and he wasn’t even poor when they met!”..when i’m done watching a documentary or a similar informative show , i know i feel like i know soo much about the featured topic. I’m guessing the people who watched it feel like they’ve gotten the “black people 101″…like you said …pat themselves on the back and feeling like they know enough about blacks to last a lifetime. oh and how come there’s never a documentary on white people? poking fun at their wanna-be-ghetto clueless teenagers and highlighting those of them who actually..are NOT rich. tsk.. it seems like it’s 20/20’s “outsiders” and thats us…with all the other races watching.

29 07 2008

I was going to watch this, but something told me not to. From what I can see, we as ‘Black’ people have to step up our game and stop stooping to the level that the ‘White mainsteam’ wants us to. Nobody is going to give us a chance, its us to us to get educated and stop acting like we are not capable of being intellingent and having good jobs. I mean shows like CNN and others will basically show the bad side of the ‘Black World’ then the good that thousands of US are doing for the world.

29 07 2008

Yeah, I did come off a bit harsh. But, what I was trying to say is. I hate the fact that CNN thinks they can represent blacks to white people. As a white man, I can’t remotely think that any white person actually sat through that and walked away thinking they understand another race. Our understanding of another race comes from the daily interactions and interactions of daily life, not some BS CNN special. As a white person, I’m even offended that they had the audacity to think whites need to be “taught”. It represented to me that we have not come as far as some thing we have. When I say “I don’t care” how blacks live, I mean that its none of my business. Blacks are free to live as they wish, as we all are…and that indiffernce is what true equality is about; each choosing thier path in life. Agree, they didn’t show near enough good Treece….I absolutely agree….blacks should not guage success or failure based on what whites think or beleive, jsut do your thing. You don’t need white approval…but I do wish some media outlets would stop acting as if you do. I can tell you….white America is not sitting on the edge of thier chair trying to judge blacks on a daily basis…they are typically doing the same as blacks…struggling to raise families, woking to support them, trying to enjoy life….not much different. I resent a media outlet trying to define how I should feel about another race…thats my own damn business!

Hey and BTW, appreciate being able to comment without being flamed….thats a nice change….great blog!!

29 07 2008
Nan Prophet

I hate TV and almost everything it stands for so I usually DON’T know when things like this are being aired…and furthermore after reading this have no interest. So I will just go off of your observations my friend and state my opinion.

10. “She lived from nigger to colored to negro to black
To afro then african-american and right back to nigger”— Talib Kweli ‘For Women’ …The bars speak! moving forward
9. Yeah so sadly enough, a lot of black people are afraid to admit their Caucasian ancestry, blinding themselves to it the same way whitey has. How recurrent are these phrases “damn you got good hair” “yeah I got Indian in me”? Last time I checked they bought the niggas here because they couldn’t get the Indians to do the field work…..NEXT
8. Must have been CNN’s attempt to butter up the bullshit. “see this Nigga’s okay with it, so should you”—-sorry for my excessive use of the word “Nigga” (well No actually.. it’s appropriate in this situation because I am writing the thoughts of Whitey)
7. I believe that for the most part ,because we all live similar lives as Americans, most people are more a like than anything else. But for the sake of the Black Experience, which NO ONE other than Blacks can EVER understand…..culture, socio-economic status, and everything relative to the two are not the same for every Black person. They (the media) make it seem as if being Black is a pandemic we are all suffering from.
6. Of course they must display the fact that all a Nigga is really good at is rhythmic entertainment. Nuff said about that
5. Well they couldn’t book Barak Obama during his campaign jeesh give CNN a break [totally a joke for any onlookers who may not understand sarcasm]
4. Now why would they want to put fear in White America at a depressive time like this, with hardly any jobs to offer the masses? The last thing they need to advertise is that Whitey’s job is being replaced by NIGGA. Its bad enough that the Big Man on Campus’ role…will soon be filled by a Black man [or half a Black man, I’m sure there are plenty of White Americans justifying their potential votes in convincing themselves he must be okay cause he’s HALF WHITE—notice how i said HALF WHITE]. Unless we have a recount issue again (thanks home state of mine)!
3. Well if it was titled “Niggers in America” I’m sure the ratings would have sky-rocketed, especially among Black America and White Supremacist. That word alone draws attention. But what they wouldn’t realize is that it was ignorant Niggers that produced, directed, wrote, and stared in this complete mumbo jumbo! Gumbo anybody?lol
2. You know I come from a hard-working 3 parent household and lived most of my life in a suburban area. My family structure did not mirror White America’s perception of the “ideal.” However, never was I deprived of seeing what was “on the other side.” We had a pool with a slide and a jacuzzi and a fireplace….and my friends from the “ghetto” would come over and always make the assumption that we must be Rich. Sad because they’d only seen 2 classes in their eyes “poor” and “rich.”
1. Well with them watching I’m sure very few saw and the almost equivalent reaction I would have made by watching this bullshit to yours. My opinion is that most of them ,whether they’d vocalize it or not, probably thought “Poor Niggers.”

Thank for once again…..making me think. You rock!…no You Rap cause you’re Black.

Peace Love and Sanity,

Nan P


29 07 2008

Michael–I hear what you’re saying. I dunno…I think having awareness of others’ experiences is important to know…but mostly for your own awareness, ie not judging or stereotyping others and having a general knowledge of people unlike yourself. But that program reinforced every stereotype about Black people and CNN aired it like it would somehow get everyone to rally to Black people’s sides and “fix” them…umm no, that’s the problem now, is that we have too many leaders looking for the government [and White people with power] to figure out all the problems in the community and use their resources to change Blacks’ situation. We don’t have enough people saying “ok, yes, these situations suck and the root of a lot of it may not be our fault, but we can change this problem from within.” We treat White people like once they know how bad it is for us they can help us…and we need to realize we’re making ourselves seem helpless when we are far from it. And EVERYONE needs to realize that not all Black people are even in a bad position…we focus so much on how we lag behind more than others but fail to celebrate that many of us are doing just fine.

30 07 2008

I agree with you %100. I flipped through the channels and when I saw it on, I just couldn’t watch it. I watched the panel discussion they had at the beginning of the series and I was bitching the whole time it was on. They never talk about the fact that not all Blacks in America are poor, live in the ghetto, score low on tests, etc, etc. There are hard working black americans out there who are educated, who have gone to college, and who inspire their kids to do more with their lives. And just because you were raised in the inner city, does not mean you can’t do something with your life. I am tired of this stigma in America that blacks are the only ones struggling the way they are. I am from the south, and we got white people in trailers, poor as hell, didn’t graduate from hs raising kids that may or may not do things with their lives and they are struggling as much as certain black folk in America. They never address how to fix problems in America and then they only focus on the plight of the black man, like the black woman doesn’t struggle in the world today…..blah i just was not impressed at all.

30 07 2008

So I watched the show and honestly its even hard for me to form an opinion because honestly I dont care and what I mean by that is although I am fully aware of the fact that I am ” black in america” apart of me does not identify with the “black struggle” because most of the things they talked about dont apply to me or to most black people I know, and on top of that I dont see the problems that we have in “black america” as “black problems” I see them as the problems of people who so happen to be black and most of the shit they go through isnt because they are black but because of poor choices they made or poor choices that someone else made that had a great impact on them, although I do wish that CNN wouldve told this story from all angles therefore giving a more accurate depiction of “us” as a whole, at the same time I dont feel like when white people see me they assume I am what CNN depicted me as a “black american ” to be. I gotta go to the store (LOL) so I’ll comment some more later.

30 07 2008

okay *hangs head down* I didn’t watch the program. I forget the reason why I couldn’t …I think I was stuck at work or something…but um wow! All of that would have ticked me off as well. Let me say this though…you know I love u Jizzle…you are one of my favorite younger bloggers….but frankly I too am sick of everyone knowing/recognizing the problems and doing nothing…I guess what im saying is there is to much talk about the “problems” and not enough about a solution…. you stated in this blog the “show did nothing to address how to fix problems” so I challenge you to write a blog on what you think we as a country can do or how to “fix” these problems and what you as and on an individual level can do to help “fix” these problems.

30 07 2008

Ok so I thought I would have something else to add to my previous comment but I dont so I’ll just say that yup I agree with you CNN’s “black in america” sucked and um thats it.

30 07 2008

What really scares me is that much of the uninformed population of white America that did watch this may sit back and say to themselves “wow, what a sad existence. how could anyone black ever do anything worthwhile for themselves or our country?” some ppl actually think like that….ppl believe what they are fed from TV…especially white america…shit…half of them still believe Reagan, Bush, and George dubya have done wonderful things for this country….noone does their research anymore…..monkey see, monkey believe…..

and as far as we the sad unfortunate lot in the demographic known as “black america” go…this isn’t anything new and we shouldn’t be suprised….it really wasn’t that long ago that they were saying blacks were direct descendants of apes and that we were totally incapable of ever being equal to whites because our brains are smaller, shooting us with firehoses..etc…etc….why would a program like this surprise anyone?? this is how we are portrayed in our own country…poor, disenfranchised, jobless, fatherless….need i go on?? WE need to make the change for ourselves and show the world who we really are…we already know they never will allow the thought of a successful black-american community….. they’re happy to see us down……or at least portrayed on TV that way…

1 08 2008
Poetry Jenkins

Well now jizzle look what runs the media… (In southern belle voice) The whites… and believe why would they or should they feel the need to air the true story of why blacks in America are so downtrodden, or the other percentile that are college educated and live in the Upper Class high socialite society, oh no I bet they didn’t know that we existed. Well thats why I don’t watxh tell-Lie- to my visions, because they can’t get the story right and don’t give a damn. With that segment right there they just felt like we got our 40 acres and a mule, and its a damn shame that they portrayed us in a manner thats both degrading and repugnant. Now I hate this, why don’t they air out the whites dirty laundry, and the baby daddy marriage section they could have done without… We just allowed CNN to set us back another 400 years while keeping up with the jones. Wow it amazes me… wait no it doesn;t cause after all if Charleston Heston can pla moses on the ten commendments and we know he’s not black then of course they can misrepresent the blacks with this special this was just another way that “The Man” used the media to keep us down, wowzers and we let him… Hmmm note to self something must be done about this, maybe we should rally up the troops and start a boycott on the CNN channel and write a couple of letters.. Prove them wrong, let them know that the young and successfuls will not stand for such malicious acts, and that next time they better come correct or not at all!

1 08 2008


So the question is, why aren’t they showing the other side? Why do blacks continue to allow this? Why do blacks continue to vote for people that cast them in that light, election after election? It is utterly confusing to me, that blacks get mad at the way that they are portrayed, but then continue to vote for, support and allow the race baiters and grieveance mongers to speak for them. As a white man, I know tha the black community is no monolith and there amazing stories of success throughout. But come on, you know exactly why this was aired. For many decades we’ve seen the press and a certain political party go to great lengths to ingratiate themselves to blacks so you will think that you need them to exist and get by in some evil white world. The dirty little secret is, white America is not what is keeping people down….sure, there are still racists, always will be in all races. But you don’t need “permission” from whites, the crackpot democratic party, the press, Jesse, or Al. So Poetry, I agree with your comments. But make no mistake, there is a reason to cast blacks in this manner, it is precisely to make you feel inferior, needy and dependent on thier help. I see successful blacks every day, thousands of them. But its not in their best interest to show this….for fearthat you won’t be dependent on a party that lays claim to a civil rights legacy it has no right to claim. Poetry, I thin you’re exactly right to be pissed off…..but at the right people.

Good conversation!!!

1 08 2008

Ok now Michael, don’t get carried away…=] No I actually agree with a lot you just said, I think the Democratic politicians pandering to Black folks really are not at all concerned with our welfare. And those that are are usually going about it all the wrong way…but I think both parties are self serving in their stances and generally, Democratic principles work better for most Blacks (economically and socially). But we’re not going to debate this, because then it’d be arguing why Republicans are better than Democrats and vice versa, and our formerly pleasant convo will turn ugly. Lol. Let’s not!

2 08 2008

Well sure Jizzle…I understand that. We don’t want to completely stray from the topic. But I beleive that its relevant to discuss the fact that CNN has been a part of Democrat media machine for quite some time and the overarching question in this narrative is: Why would they show blacks in this manner? Your points are well taken, however history shows us that adhering to “democratic party” principles have in large part been responsible for the breakdown in the black-american family structure. That surely isn’t open for debate. I’m not a conservative republican, and i’m certainly not a democrat, so don’t get me wrong here, my point is: I see the exact same set of behaviors in CNN’s intent as I have seen in the Dem party for decades. An attempt to portray a portion of our society as not being able to function without that “oh so helpful” hand of our government. Most see this as a core pillar of Democratic politics. So I’m curious why there is confusion over why they did this. Both parties are corrupt, however the overt targeting and subsequent institutional development of a dependent constituency is a strategy that has worked for the Democratic party for decades. They themselves view themselves as being the champion of the “down trodden” in spite of evidence to the contrary. Portraying blacks as more needy, less educated, fits perfectly within this model and CNN was simply an outlet for this.

Now, I would certinly be interested in hearing how Democratic “principles” work better for blacks, because if you have something that goes against historical record, that could be huge and of interest to the nation! Both parties are absolutely self serving and incredibly corrupt. Both are only concerned with developing a dependent constituency at any cost. But in the end analysis, it is certainly not helpful for a political party to try and convince a people that they cannot excel without government help (in return for their vote of course) :-).

So if there is any other way to see the CNN series, I’m all ears. In the end analysis, in a nation where blacks have and continue to excel in all areas, a major TV oultet chooses to show them as anything but vital, engaged, successful, relevant…….let’s not overthink this.

Thanks gang

6 08 2008

I pretty much felt the same way you did. I just didn’t know where to channel my emotions There lies my problem. Who ever this person is writing this blog, Keep doing it PLZ. By all means, if you have a DL account my url is and I would love to chat with you about a few things.

28 08 2008

The only part I disagree on is the annoying spoken word guy. LOL I liked him. But everything else was right on point in this post. My mother was so gung-ho about watching the special, which really was somewhat a mockery of what it’s like being black in America because even though I suppose they feel they did a generally good analysis on what it’s like they barely scratched the surface and just pushed forward on the steriotypes of black men/mothers/fathers/kids. Not only that but there were no solutions and there were no genuine positive outcomes. Don’t even get me started on the beyond biased coverage.

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